AquaSphere Seal XP2 Black/Red (Tinted Lens)


The new Seal XP2 Goggle from Aqua Sphere is a mask style goggle suited to recreational swimming at the pool or beach and its design makes for a great seal on the face, preventing any leaks. This adult swimming goggle has been updated to be more hydrodynamic and give an even better fit and is ideal for people who want a great seal, comfort and durability from their swimming goggles. Curved lenses and expanded 4 points of view give better forward and side vision compared to traditional style goggles.


  • Mask style goggle gives excellent seal and wide field of vision
  • Tinted lens reduces glare in bright conditions
  • Exo Core Technology gives comfort, stability and durability
  • Semi-rigid exoskeleton protects the mask and lenses during and after use, while the integrated ultra-soft Softeril material offers a comfortable fit on the face
  • 3D shaping of the nose area gives improved fit
  • 180 degree vision
  • Easy adjust strap with improved micro metric strap adjustment gives an improved fit
  • 100% UV protection
  • Anti fog (integrated into lens)
  • Scratch resistant
  • Latex free

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