Gray GX6000 Scoop Maxi Hockey Stick


GX 6000 Scoop Xtra
The new Grays Scoop Xtra range is designed for players who require the combination and extra benefit of both enhancing drag flick momentum with the additional stick handling control created to perform the very latest 3D hockey, particularly lifting the ball in close contact situations.The Quadrex Blade profile complies within the 4mm depth allowed within the FIH stick regulations.

- Fully intergrated Carbon, Aramid and Fibreglass composite
- IFA on the surface of the head to improve control
- New AR Durazone heel protection
- New PP Enhanced LBZ
- Energy Reduction Handle (ERH) - designed to reduce the impact energy transmitted from the head of the stick through the blade and hands wrists and forearms. The thermo-rubber sleeve around the handle helps to improve the players control and feel when both hitting and receiving, which improves a players first touch on the ball.

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