Cerocite Cue Tip Cement (20g Bottle)


The best cue tip glue we have ever found. Thats after over 20 years of cue making and tipping experience. This glue is supplied in a large 20 gram bottle with special sealable lid and point dispenser. The cerocite glue is a special formula which is thick enough not to be absorbed by the end grain wood which is exposed when retipping, but not too this such as gels which sit on the surface of the wood and do not key in sufficiently.

This glue gives the perfect solution. It sets fast like a superglue so almost instant retipping, but secures tips to cues stronger than any other glue we have tried.

Once youve used this glue for re tipping cues, your only problem will be stopping the rest of the household taking it for other uses. It's that good!

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