Britannia Polaris 1pc Cue


The Britannia Steel 1pc classic Range features Stunning Black African Gabon Ebony, accurately hand spliced over the very best selected straight grained air seasoned North American ash wood possible. Each model is then embellished with distinct splice patterns to cater for your personal preference and finished with the famous engraved Britannia black enamelled and mother of pearl disc.

The Britannia steel cues represent the pinnacle of Snooker cue design and craftsmanship. Thus they deserve only the very best materials in all aspects of their construction.

As a consequence we have engineered an aviation grade Stainless Steel ferrule. This essential component within any cue is machined from Stainless Steel to ensure strength, durability and un-wavering performance. The superiority of Stainless Steel over Brass is so profound that we felt obliged to name this range the Britannia Steel collection.

The Britannia Steel cues are all supplied in full length 58 inches and include a free mini butt extension (enquire for extra long cues as we often have available in this range). For shots which need a bit more reach, the Britannia Tele Extension Deluxe is available. Or for real flexibility, try the Britannia Mini Spacer.

This cue is multi spliced with 4 hand slices of cross cut zebreano, then 4 more hand splices of striped Canadian maple and finally another 4 hand splices of Laos Butterfly Burl.

This rare and stunning mix of timbers create a superbly styled cue. Each exotic timber simply looks breathtaking. Finest black ebony is followed by zebreano timber which is sought the world over by cue makers. It is however very difficult to ensure the cross cutting through the grain is done correctly and precisely enough. When done well, as on our Britannia steel cues it’s stunning looks give a gemstone effect similar to Tigerseye. The grain pattern varies depending on angle of light from darker to light. Catch the light correctly and a shimmering iridescent effect will be seen, unlike any other exotic wood. This is then framed with striped maple which again varies, depending on angle of light from darker to almost invisible shaded stripes. Finally 4 more splices of special Laos Burl timber, great to work with due to is unique and twisted grain pattern.

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