Gray-Nicolls Powerspot - Senior

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At Gray-Nicolls, we are indelibly linked to our heritage. We use our vast experience in the game of cricket to inform our modern products, refining the game and ensuring cricketers are served the best cricket bats ever. With that in mind, we'd like to reintroduce to you an old favourite that's been brought into 2019 – the Powerspot.

Made famous by Mike Atherton, the Powerspot truly is an iconic cricket bat that has been part of some of the best innings of all time. Think Atherton vs Allan Donald in Johannesburg, and it was the Powerspot that repelled the great South African fast bowler.

Now you can get your hands on the world-famous bat. Featuring the brilliant blue Powerspot on the swell of the bat, the eye is immediately drawn to the large middle the bat possesses.

The bat now features what is soon to be a legendary shoulder-to-toe red sticker, stretching out across the back of the bat, showcasing the bat's beautiful, sweeping blade.

Reimagined by our design team, and made from the highest quality English Willow grown and felled in Sussex, the 2019 Powerspot is set to be a favourite bat among old and new cricketers. Intimidate your opponents and impress your teammates with a Powerspot from Gray-Nicolls.

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