Gunn & Moore Zelos 606

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Having cemented itself as a true modern-classic, the Zelos aims to go even further with its boldest look to date. Inverting the colour scheme of the previous iteration, the Zelos now has the one of the most eye-catching designs in the range. A traditional blade length that packs a modern punch thanks to its 'Ultra Curve' shape, enlarging the sweet spot for powerful stroke-making. The profile allows for greater pick-up and balance, an all-round bat, for the all-round player. The low to mid swell accentuates the all-round capabilities, making the Zelos the perfect bat for any situation. The handle of the GM Zelso cricket bats are of a stanadard length and they are made with premium cane. Cane is the best material for a cricket bat handle as it prevents vibration to the hands of the batsman and promotes power in the face and blade of the cricket bat. The semi-oval handle on the cricket bat is known to be the most comfortable and give the batsman the most amount of control. That is why the GM Zelos cricket bats have semi-oval handles.

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