Gilbert Kuro Pro L1 Boot


In the dark confinements of the back row, explosive power and speed is an absolute necessity in order for their scrum to come out on top. Players need a boot that will help drive their opponent to the ground whilst maintaining the speed and agility of a back.

If you are a back row enforcer, you need the Kuro Pro boots.

With a Hydro-R Grade A premium natural leather Upper, these boots are super lightweight to assist acceleration without compromising comfort and quality. The Speedplate HYB outsole contains ultra-lightweight prolite 14mm studs and TPU moulded studs ideal for the times of the year when the ground is at its softest and times are testing for players.

The Prozone wide fit Last and adaptable lacing system means these rugby boots can be tailored to a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes. They are also available in sizes 8-13 ensuring a huge range of players have the opportunity to test their incremental support. Finally, the complex multi matrix insole in the Kuro Pro rugby boots gives the ultimate responsiveness providing players with not only remarkable comfort but also a bespoke fit.

In a game of rugby, players need to be able to maintain a top level performance throughout what can feel like an eternity of extremes. When in this situation, they need to be safe in the knowledge that they have done everything in their power to help them through. Players who wear the Kuro Pro boots not only know this but excel because of this.

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